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Lethal melodrama in an old school tabletop RPG package!

Inspired by old school TTRPGsmanhua like Blood & Steel and Blades of the Guardians, films like Come Drink with Me and Last Hurrah for Chivalry, and the fluid combat of action video games like Ghost of Tsushima, Wandering Blades brings dynamic and lethal combat to your tabletop!  

What is Wandering Blades?

Wandering Blades is a rules light, low fantasy tabletop role playing game inspired by Chinese wuxia and xuanhuan media, and old-school renaissance (OSR) games. Wandering Blades is designed around the following core principles:

  • Danger is everywhere - The world of Wandering Blades is full of danger and the smallest mistake can be deadly. The weapons and martial arts techniques wielded by their characters are instruments of death, but so are those of their enemies. 
  • Simple, yet tactical - The system of Wandering Blades is designed to create a gameplay experience that is easy for players to learn while providing them with a lot of tactical depth. Players are empowered to work together and make active decisions using this system.
  • Toolbox experience - The rules in Wandering Blades are written as guidelines. They are open to player interpretation, ingenuity, and expansion. Use what works best for your table.

What's in the Quickstart?

Our goal with the quickstart is to give you an introduction to the basic mechanics of the game, starter classes, how to run combat, and a guide for an introductory adventure. In the next version, we are aiming to add the following:

  • Print Character Sheet - We are currently working on laying out a character sheet, but want to first ensure that the other items on this list are done first. In the mean time, digital character sheets for Wandering Blades can be found here. This template is fully editable in either a free or paid Notion account. Once open, hit 'duplicate' and add it to your own Notion account for future use!
  • Expanded Adventure - We will be developing an adventure called Court of the Red King. If you happen to meet us at a convention, this will be what we run!

Digital character sheets for Wandering Blades can be found here. This template is fully editable in either a free or paid Notion account. Once open, hit 'duplicate' and add it to your own Notion account for future use!

Follow along with development

Wandering Blades is currently in development. If you would like exclusive access to new rules, classes, and regular design updates, please consider supporting me on Patreon at patreon.com/danielhkwan! My Patreon page is a dedicated space to share info about the game while it's being developed. My design partner, Drew Quon, and I love talking about the game! 

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