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In Chinese mythology and folklore, strange entities lurked in the space between the familiar and unfamiliar realms of existence. From the early “pig dragons” of Chinese Neolithic art, to the iconic taotie of the Early Bronze Age, strange animal hybrids have been common in artistic depictions and tales throughout China’s long history.  Denizens of Mountains & Seas vol. 1 is a collection of 8 such creatures compatible with your favourite fantasy tabletop RPG! 

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Writing & layout: Daniel Kwan

Design consultation: Will Parks

Illustrations (taotiebaiyuan, and zhenniao): Dot Valledor

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorDaniel Kwan
GenreRole Playing
TagsMonsters, OSR, Story Rich


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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tl;dr- Yes. Buy it. It's worth it!

Some of you may already know Daniel for his terrific work on Asians Represent! and other games. You should also know him for what I hope to be a continuing series of rich English-language compendiums for Chinese mythological and folklore creatures.

My favorite parts about this zine are:

  • Its accessibility. This is a friendly resource for getting started with Chinese mythology and folklore that I'd recommend to anyone who's interested.
  • Concise and precise information. The author's skill with including a satisfactory amount of information within a few paragraphs kept this document to the point. This still amazes me especially when he briefly references specific pieces of info from the source material.
  • The excellent layout design and vertical rhythm of the text. This document felt comfortable to read. I personally have weak eyes but the legible spacing made reading this document pleasure rather than work.
  • The convenient letter-sized paper proportions, gorgeous illustrations by Dot Valledor, and the minimalist aesthetic. The visual aspect of this zine is a welcome treat amidst a sea of documents that like to slam a bucket of paint in your eyes (I'm guilty of this too lol).

Kudos to Daniel Kwan for creating a great zine and educational resource. I can't wait for volume 2!


Thank you so much!!!!! That's so kind of you!!